Warfighter Challenge

30-31 October 2020

The American Pioneer Corps invites you to compete in the 2020 Warfighter Challenge from dawn 30 October through 31 October 2020. The event will be hosted in central Montana on and around the Serenity Valley Ranch. Relevant details are located below, with further details to follow as the event dates near.

  • Who: Open to any individuals who have, by 30 days before the event, achieved at least a 3rd Class Battle Buddy rating from anywhere in the country, or who are active, reserve, veteran, or retired military. First Responders and former Cola Warrior competitors are also welcome to compete. Other entries may be permitted by request on a space available basis.
  • What: Multiple individual and team events over a 36 hour period that will be both physically and mentally taxing.
  • When: The event will begin at dawn on 30Oct2020.
  • Where: Central Montana on Serenity Valley Ranch and in the surrounding area. Closest airport is Billings.
  • Why: To test personal and team skills and limits, build comradery, and provide the American Battle Buddies with a national event that encourages and rewards martial spirit and skills.
  • Competitors must be prepared to camp in primitive conditions.
    • Competitors and spectators may arrive anytime after noon on 29Oct2020 to setup camp, and are welcome to stay through noon on 1Nov2020.
  • Bring drinking water for the duration of the event, or a water filter if you intend to use well water on site.
  • Competitors are welcome to bring spectators.
  • This event has no cost to competitors, but donations will be accepted at the event.
    • Any donations received that exceed the actual costs of hosting the event will 100% benefit the local volunteer fire/EMS.
  • There will be officers on site to certify non-pay drills for reservists whose commands authorize participation in this event for points.

Events include, but are not limited to:

  • 25km timed ruck.
  • 2km Combat Endurance Obstacle Course.
  • Combat Action 2 gun Match.
  • Land Nav Course.
  • Complex Field Problem Event.
  • Mid-range precision fires match.
  • American College of Surgeons Stop the Bleed medical certification.
  • *Evening of 29Oct2020 free radio communications class.

Minimum Gear List:

  • rifle (Minimum 5.45mm caliber strongly recommended, optics and suppressors OK).
    • Rifle magazines (x5 w/20rnd min capacity OR a minimum of 5 magazines/strippers/en blocs sufficient to fire 100 rounds without refilling).
    • 150 rounds rifle ammunition (no steel core/incendiary/tracer/flame or spark producing munitions due to high fire hazard area).
  • pistol or revolver (minimum .35 caliber; excepting 5.7x28mm pistols).
    • sufficient pistol magazines/speed loaders to fire 40 rounds without refilling.
    • 100 rounds pistol ammunition.
  • assault pack/Ruck capable of carrying 45lbs (external frame strongly recommended).
  • helmet (bump or ballistic).
    • must be worn during negotiation of rope obstacles.
  • gloves.
  • ear pro/Eye Pro.
  • tarp (camouflage or earth tone).
  • method of carrying at least two liters of water.
    • Separate method of carrying at least 1 additional liter of water.
  • two extra pair boot socks.
  • one extra pair field clothes (shirt/trousers).
  • flashlight with red lense.
  • map pens.
  • compass.
  • map protractor.
  • IFAK
  • small notebook.
  • pencils
  • one MRE or commercial equivalent.

Recommended additional gear:

  • VHF/UHF radio w/APRS capability OR radio and APRS app on smart device.
  • magazine pouches (belt mounted/LBV/etc).
  • laser range finder.
  • binoculars.
  • wet weather gear.

To request entry please email WarfighterChallenge@protonmail.com. Be sure to indicate what category you are entering under, or that you are requesting a standby seat. Standby requests will be filled or denied 30 days prior to the event. Final cutoff for entry is 10 October 2020.

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