1. Rules for participation.

a. APC is an apolitical public service outdoors/scouting organization. Any person participating with APC must refrain from engaging in partisan political speech or activity during APC activities. This does not, however, restrict discussing legislation which would directly impact APC activities or the organization as a whole.

b. Participation is limited to persons 18 years of age or older, except persons 16 years of age may participate with their parents notarized written consent. Individuals aged 13 through 15 may participate only if their parent or legal guardian is physically present during the activity in which the minor wishes to participate. Any commissioned officer of the armed forces, or public notary, may certify a parent’s consent for their minor age 16 or above to participate.

c. No person who has been convicted of a felony may participate in APC activities without being granted a waiver, with any specific restrictions, in writing from APC senior leadership. Senior leadership who may grant such a waiver will consist of a board made up of at least one law enforcement officer or former law enforcement officer, one armed forces commissioned officer or former commissioned officer, and either one APC civilian rated Leader or Senior Leader or enlisted/former enlisted E-6 or above APC member. The board will seek advice from an APC lawyer if necessary when rendering a decision.

2.Battle Buddies Ratings.

a. Ratings are not ranks, they are an indicator of a member having achieved proficiency in certain basic tasks to a given level.

b. Ratings Available to Civilian and Military Members.

-3rd Class Pioneer Candidate
-2nd Class Pioneer Candidate
-1st Class Pioneer Candidate
-Apprentice Pioneer
-Senior Pioneer

c. Other Ratings or Titles.
-Any member of the organization may choose to adopt the title/rank held during their most recent term of honorable military service.
-Any member who is a medical doctor by profession may choose to adopt the title of “Doctor”, and any member who is an engineer by both degree and profession may select the title “Engineer”.

3.Standards to achieve ratings.

a. Standard Hike Conditions: Minimum 35lbs pack (dry weight, excluding water) and long gun, or 45lbs pack without long gun; covering a minimum of 6 miles while maintaining an average pace of no less than 3mph (including any rest time). Two witnesses unrelated to the hiker are required.*

*this means no immediate family may act as witnesses ie sibling/parent/spouse.

b. Provisional.
1. In order to achieve a Provisional rating, a prospective member must complete one hike, 3 miles in length, with at least two other persons unrelated to them as witnesses. The prospective member must complete the hike in under an hour while carrying 25lbs (excluding water weight) in a pack, and a long gun. The prospective member may choose to omit the long gun and instead add an additional 10lbs dry weight to their pack.

c. 3rd Class
1. In order to achieve a 3rd Class rating, a Provisional member must;
-Within 90 days of their first hike, complete at least two additional hikes, each covering a minimum of 6 miles while maintaining an average pace of no less than 3mph (including any rest time),
-Have completed cumulatively 18 miles of qualifying hike distance, not including any hikes of a distance less than 3 miles, and
-Complete the above 3rd Class requirements while carrying a minimum 35lbs pack (dry weight, excluding water) and long gun, or 45lbs pack without long gun (Standard Hike Conditions).

d. 2nd Class
1. A candidate for 2nd Class must complete one of the following;
a. Complete a Navy Physical Fitness Test based upon the male standard (regardless of the candidate gender) for their age group with a minimum score of “Satisfactory” in each event (or Army or Marine Corps PFT equivalent) or,
b. Complete a NRA or CMP Service Rifle Match (whether firing “in” or “out” of competition due to equipment restrictions) with a minimum score of 70%.
2. The candidate must also complete at least one additional hike of no less than 3 miles, with the same weight and pace requirements above listed as standard hike conditions.

e. 1st Class
1.Candidates for 1st Class must complete the second option from the 2nd Class qualification ([a] or [b], whichever was not selected for their 2nd Class qualification), and complete at least one additional hike of 6 miles or more under standard hike conditions.

f. Junior Leader (JL)
1.After having achieved ABB 1st Class, a prospective JL must organize (3) ABB hikes with participation by at least 3 other attendees not related to them. During each of these hikes at least 3 of the 4 or more participants (including the prospective JL) must complete the hike under standard hike conditions, and

2.Complete accredited Basic Life Support (BLS) and Stop the Bleed medical training, and

3.Obtain a license to operate amateur radio of Technician Class or higher, and

4.Have been an active ABB member of Provisional rank or above for a period of six months.

g. Leader (Standard development in progress)

h. Senior Leader (Standard development in progress)

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