The mission of the American Pioneer Corps is to train and develop leaders who can efficiently evaluate a situation, make decisions, communicate with others, and take decisive action in chaotic environments, and to build capable community based organizations willing, ready, and able to provide wildland fire fighting, search and rescue, and other emergency assistance.

The American Pioneer Corps (APC) is a military, veteran, and law enforcement founded and led non-profit organization dedicated to education and public service.

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APC is an a-political, not-for-profit outdoors organization founded in October 2019.  We now have chapters, called Battle Buddy Groups (BBGs), across dozens of states. Each BBG works to bring together members of the local community through outdoor activities- with an emphasis placed on physical fitness, a-political civic awareness, and leadership development.

An APC participant is referred to as a Battle Buddy, taken from a common military phrase for service members who watch out for each other.  Many of our Battle Buddies are current or former military or law enforcement, but civilians with no military or law enforcement experience make up approximately half of our membership. Whatever background a person comes from however, we always emphasize the value of having a partner when tackling problems, whether complex or simple.

What We Do

Our activities focus on the outdoors and are typical of many scouting type organizations. Events that are common to all our chapters include hiking, physical fitness, basic firearm safety and competition through congressionally chartered programs, orienteering, and wildland construction projects/trail maintenance. Other fundamental battle buddy training includes, but is not limited to, amateur radio and American Red Cross/American College of Surgeons medical training. 

Chapters operate largely independently and have widely varying goals and focuses based upon their location and the makeup of their participants. Some chapters, for example, are interested in forming volunteer fire/search and rescue companies, and can assist battle buddies with achieving national recognized certification as wildland fire fighters, among other certifications. Others are primarily focused on fellowship and building community. In every case however, each of our events uses our activities to focus on leadership development, and over time regular participants can be expected to have the opportunity to fill leadership roles, mentored by people with extensive experience in high stress leadership environments both in the military and civilian sector.

If you are interested in joining in on activities with your local Battle Buddy Group, or are interested in supporting our educational or public service efforts, either financially or through volunteer work, please reach out and let us know. We’d be glad to have you!

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